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Za vse tiste, ki želite imeti prisrčno licenco pripeto na svoj intelektualni izdelek.

Trenutno še v fazi popravkov, ampak različica 1.0 je že kolikor-toliko začrtana. Hvala Malizu, ki me je motiviral, da sem sestavil licenco, ki bi dovolila uporabo manjših kosov kode brez komplikacij in nesigurnosti glede licence.

=               The IDGAF License v1.0                 =



1. Definitions

    a. "Licensor" means the individual, individuals,
       entity or entities that offer(s) the Work under
       the terms of this License.

    b. "Distribute" means to make available to the
       public the original and copies of the Work or
       Adaptation, as appropriate, through sale or
       other transfer of ownership.

    c. "Original author" means the individual,
       individuals, entity or entities that originally
       created the Work.

    d. "Work" means the stuff that you didn't make,
       was created by the Original author(s) and you
       don't own. Includes anything distributed as
       part of the package, be it software, written
       works or digital media. Movies and music. That
       kind of stuff.

2. License grant

You (the Licensor) can do whatever the fuck you want. The
Author simply doesn't care about what you do with it. Ever
wonder what IDGAF stands for, anyways? Well, wonder no

    * I
    * Don't
    * Give
    * A
    * Fuck

Basically, as long as you mention the Original author and
send a beer/cookie his/her way, we'll all be fine. If you
don't, we know people in low places. People that can come
into your house at night. People that know your family.
People that can do stuff. Like my friend Carlos. He can
do stuff.

Nasty stuff.

Stuff you wouldn't want happening. Capisce?

3. Restrictions

You're not allowed to bitch about the Work. Not ever.
Don't whine about how bad the memory leaks are or how
the storyline sucks. If you don't like it, change it or
stop using it.

Face it. Noone gives a fuck. Do better or shut the fuck

You're free to compliment the Original author on his
choice of wardrobe, though. Also, it helps to compliment
the Author on his/her good hair day and perfect abs.

Donations are also an acceptable forms of praise.

4. Liability

The Author disclaims any liability regarding the use of
the work provided.

Seriously, none. No claims are made regarding the
usefulness or safety of the Work.

If you manage to blow yourself up using this Work, the
Author will applaud your commitment to getting your
name on the Darwin Awards list.

Expect no mercy or sympathy.

5. Termination

The License and the rights granted will terminate
automatically upon any breach by the Licensor. This
includes bitching, whining and tormenting the Author
with inane questions already answered elsewhere,
like, you know... Teh Interwebs. Stuff like:

And use that thing growing vertically upwards out of
your thorax. I know it hurts sometimes. But you get
used to it. Eventually.

6. Miscellaneous

Each time You Distribute or Publicly Perform the Work
or a Collection, the Licensor offers to the recipient
a license to the Work on the same terms and conditions
as the license granted to You under this License.

Each time You Distribute or Publicly Perform an
Adaptation, Licensor offers to the recipient a license
to the original Work on the same terms and conditions
as the license granted to You under this License.

In layman's terms - give it like you got it.


  1. fet says:


    čeprov piše, da če omeniš originalnega avtorja, ali plačaš pivo, bo vse ok, drugač pa XXX. Torej nekak to pomen, da je treba neki narest, kar ni v soglasju z glavno mantro: idgaf. :)

    kapiš = capisce

  2. Krof Drakula says:

    True. O tem členu bom še razmislil. Je bil mišljen neobvezno, a se je potem nekako prelevil v obvezo. :)